tree burn

It’s getting close to that time of year again for our annual Christmas Tree Burn at the West Beach. For those of you who are new, every January LKHOA collects the residents’ discarded trees and brings them to the West Beach (or you can drop your own tree off down there as well) and we have an event where we burn them all in one spectacular bonfire by the lake. It’s a great mid winter activity for the whole family and we hope that you’ll join us this year! If weather permits, bring your ice skates, sleds and other outdoor winter gear for a night of fun.

The date is set for January 21, 2017 with the fire starting at 6:00 PM. Remember to bring your Lake Killarney bracelets. Only those that are up to date on assessments are allowed to attend. For those who are new to Lake Killarney, the entrance for the West Beach is on the Killarney Acres side off of Kilkenny. Take Kilkenny down until it makes a left hand turn, the entrance is on your right through a narrow road that opens up into the West Beach. This event has always been graciously hosted by longtime resident Eberhard Veit but he is unsure if he will be in town this year, so we are looking for some volunteers to help set up the pop up tent down at the beach, help organize, and we will also need volunteers to bring and set up some drinks and snacks. In the past we’ve had hot chocolate, chili, hotdogs, and snacks like cookies. Nothing too fancy. So if someone is interested in organizing this, it would be a great help. Please contact if interested in volunteering. Regarding tree collection: we ask that you don’t place your tress at the curb on regularly scheduled garbage days because otherwise Groot will haul your trees away. Instead have them out on the curb for pickup on Sunday January 8th or 15th. We have a couple of volunteers who will be driving around collecting the tress and hauling them off to the West Beach. Otherwise you have the option of dropping off your own tree.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone in January. Until then Happy Holidays!