More Prairieland Waste Info

This is a follow up to the new waste contract with Prairieland. There are several documents attached that I’m going to publish in new posts including a copy of the welcome letter that Prarie Land will be mailing to each household, an info sheet on what is accepted for recycling, and an auto pay sign up if you are interested. The new Prairieland cans will be dropped off before service begins and if you are interested in the container for yard waste you will have to sign up for it as it is a monthly rental fee. Your other option is to purchase your own container and just label it “yard waste” to avoid the monthly rental fee. Also just as an FYI, anyone who calls can get a free yard waste bin for the first year. This is to compensate those of us who subscribed and paid for yard waste removal from Groot this year. Just be advised that the monthly rental fee will go into affect next year though, so you may just want to purchase your own container from the get go. You’ll see in the contract that we are even allowed to drop off E-scrap at their Barrington facility free of charge. This includes 1 T.V per household per year. This is a really nice benefit since you usually have to PAY to dispose of this type of material.

Also included in our flat fee is one bulk item per week at no additional charge.
So as you can see, we are really benefiting from the switch and will be paying less.
As far as Groot goes, the current service with them will be cancelled as of July 31. The last day of service will be July 26 and they will send a truck around to collect all the empties after they do the last pickup. They’ll be cancelling the entire neighborhood so no need to call in and cancel your own account. The only accounts they won’t cancel will be those who have past due bills. They will remain open until paid off. They said the yard waste fees will be returned at a prorated amount but will not come until after the agreement is cancelled on July 31.

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