Update on the Lake

Guy Keller, a member of the LKHOA board just got off the phone with MCDH. Here is the update he has provided:
I just got off the phone with the Director at MCDH. Update: 1.) Someone from MCDH met with Gasser yesterday at the flowage and there was NO indication of fecal matter. There initial determination is that that the water is coming from the drain tiles of the farm fields and, given the rain we’ve experienced in July, picking up whatever is on the surface of the fields. They DO NOT believe any sewage is tied into the drain tiles. They believe the smell is from decomposition of organic matter and whatever was picked up on surface of farm fields. 2.) The Soil and Water Division within the County has been contacted to provide a detailed drain tile map to determine where and what is being picked up by the drain tiles. I was told this is not a new drain tile system and has been in place for years. 3.) They are sampling the beaches and outflow of flowage today. The beaches have a standard to be compared to (i.e., past test results) the flowage does not. That said they will be able to tell if e coli is present in either sample. The only issue if e coli is found in flowage sample is that MCDH cannot tell if that is from human or other animal waste (i.e., goose poop). They will likely not have the results until sometime tomorrow. 4.) I will be receiving an update by EOB today with more information. 5.) When the smell/source of flowage is determined and it is determined to be safe/corrected, the MCDH Director is going to be mailing a letter to all residents regarding this matter to assure worried minds and to quash any rumors. I will be providing her with the resident list
We will keep you posted with any additional developments.
As of now, unless something changes, the Fishing Derby is still set to go on as planned Saturday. Registration begins at 6am at the East beach.
Thank you!.

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