Water Quality Complaints

Hello all!

I know not all of us are on Facebook so I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what the current situation is with Utilities Inc. There is a post on our chat page with people complaining about the water quality and several of them have contacted Utilities Inc. customer service only to be put on hold, treated poorly, not have their questions answered etc.
This was one of the points that was brought up at our meeting with Utilities Inc. The gentlemen representing the company at the meeting were quite taken aback by our frustrations with customer service. They honestly want to help us get to the bottom of all of our water quality issues, but they can’t do that when they don’t have the information or data available to them. They pleaded with us to make sure that residents are calling and documenting their issues with their water.because they are trying to map it and document everyone’s issues to make sense of some of the problems we are experiencing. After some discussion at our meeting it seems as though they were not receiving all of the feedback from our residents. So when you have an issue with your water, whether it’s pressure,discoloration, or anything else, make sure you call or email customer service. Keep a record of when you called or emailed and if you are not getting the help or answers you seek, please reach out to lakekillarneynews@gmail.com so that I can pass this info along. I had a resident contact me today because she has been calling and was just repeatedly put on hold. I forwarded her complaint along with all of the complaints from the current Facebook post and made the reps aware of what is happening . He was very appreciative and reached out directly to the VP of the company. The VP’s response was with the recent cold snap and thaw, they fielded 2000 calls just yesterday which is double their normal call volume. So there may have been extended hold times at this particular point in time, but this still doesn’t excuse poor customer service or rudeness to their customers. So please, reach out to me here at the Lake Killarney email if this happens to you. But first you need to make the call or send the email to Utilities Inc. If say only 1 out of every 5 residents experiencing problems is calling, the problems we are having may not seem as great to UI as they do to us in Lake Killarney.
It was brought up by another resident that if you do reach out via email to Utilities Inc., it would not be a bad idea to “cc” lakekillarneynews@gmail.com in the email so that we have record that you contacted them as well. This will help if there is any issues with customer service going forward from your initial contact with them.
Utilities Inc Contact Info:
Lastly, I am still awaiting clarification about the boil order. SInce our meeting with UI,  I receive personal texts everytime there is hydrant flushing or water main breaks so that I can send out email blasts. I was sent a text this afternoon telling me about the water main break on Blarneystone and Lakewood. He told me that there would be a boil order. I even wrote back for clarification if it was just those streets affected or all of Lake Killarney. He responded just those streets and even gave me the range of specific addresses affected. After I sent the initial email blast this afternoon, I’ve had several residents contact me to tell me that customer service told them differently. Some were told it was the entire two streets, while others were told it was the entire community. I have sent all that information to UI and asked for clarification on the matter. I don’t expect to hear back until at least tomorrow, but if I had to guess, I would say the information I received directly from the source is probably correct and that customer service is mistaken but I cannot guarantee that is certain. I apologize for any confusion and will update as soon as I get more information.
Thanks for all your attention in this matter and I will keep everyone posted on any new developments.
Ashley C.