Looking for an Artistic Volunteer!

I’m looking for a volunteer with a bit of artistic skills. I have revamped the entrance board to include permanent calendars that can be adjusted each month. Once a month you would need to take the sign home and redo the calendars and maybe put a fun picture or info for upcoming events. I have 2 boxes of dry erase crayons so you can unleash your creative mind 😋.

I’m crafty, but I’m not good at drawing so I’m hoping someone would like to take over this job 😊.

I’ve already got one volunteer (Thanks Angelica!) but I figured the more the merrier. I can include whoever is interested in an email group and just send out an email with important dates and updates as they come due and then whoever has time to update the board can go grab it.

Email me at lakekillarneynews@gmail.com if you are interested! 


Thank you!