A Few Reminders


Just wanted to send a quick email out to everyone regarding a couple of things.
First, as some of you may know, the infamous Lake Killarney peninsula was purchased I believe last year and the new owners are in the process of building their new home there. They are super excited to be a part of the community and I hope if you run into them, you welcome them and tell them everything you love about Lake Killarney. I just wanted to remind everyone, that the peninsula has always been private property, even more so now with active owners who are in the process of building their new home. Please remember to respect everyone’s private property and treat it as you would your own. This includes not trespassing or leaving behind garbage or dog waste bags. We’ve got a great community of people living here so lets make sure we show our new neighbors the same consideration you would expect from others.
Secondly, all of you should have received a letter in the mail indicating there is an informational meeting for Utilities Inc. on April 12th from 5-8pm.

It will be an informal face to face question and answer open room.

 We will be joined by members of Lake Maria(Carpentersville), and members from Crystal Lake.

Per the Utilities Inc. rep, there are roughly 350 units in Lake Killarney that are served, 200 units in Lake Maria, and 200 more units in Crystal Lake.

A total of roughly 750 households.

 The format will be between 6-8 tables with UI employees available to answer questions.

 The Utilities Inc. employees will be available at these tables from 5:00PM-8:00PM to allow for customers with different schedules the best opportunity to come and ask questions.

 We will be in larger downstairs meeting room, not the board room where we have our normal monthly board meetings.

 I am attaching a copy of the letter in case you did not receive one or lost your copy.

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation!