Bracelets and Beaches

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend!

Just a couple of quick things. We know everyone is excited to head down and enjoy the beaches on this sizzling hot long weekend, but please remember that you are required to have your 2018 bracelets with you to enjoy the beaches or lake. There were quite a few confrontations with our beach monitors yesterday regarding people that wanted to use the beach but did not have their bracelets. It is our beach monitors’ duty to turn away anyone without a bracelet and it does no one any good to cause a scene or get into an argument about it.

If your assessments were paid on time, you should have received your bracelets and stickers. If you paid late, your items will be mailed once your check has cleared the bank. While we do our best to accommodate people who may have paid late and not received their items yet, please remember this is a volunteer position and those of us that handle these things are also trying to enjoy the long holiday weekend with family and friends. I have always liked the saying “A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

If you have any issues regarding your bracelets and stickers you may reach out via email or Facebook messenger and we will try our best to assist you but please don’t take issue with the beach monitors.

Lastly, please watch your speed in the neighborhood. With the summer upon us, there are kids walking, running and biking the streets to go to the parks and beaches. Getting to your destination 15 seconds sooner is not worth the risk you pose to our children by speeding recklessly. I’ve witnessed multiple cars careening down Londonderry already this morning. Please slow down.