Snow Etiquette

Here are three gentle reminders about snow etiquette:

1. Street Parking
2. Driveways
3. Mailboxes

Please remember to remove your car from the street when it is snowing so the snow plows can get close to the curbs. In Chicago they have an ordinance that no cars are allowed on the street if there are 2 or more inches of snow predicted. While Chicago is a lot bigger, the concept still applies. 

When plowing or shoveling your driveways, please point the snow into your yard. When you shovel or blow your snow into the street, and the snow plows have already been through the neighborhood, they are not coming back and when it’s really cold, the snow doesn’t melt. This causes a slippery spot that’s a hazard to drivers and walkers alike. 

Please be considerate of our mail carriers and clear the snow from the street in front of your mailbox. If the snow is piled up in front of your mailbox, they cannot pull their vehicle close enough to the curb to deliver or pick up your mail. If it’s bad enough, I understand that they just won’t deliver your mail. 

Thanks for your cooperation.