Vandalism at West Beach

It was recently brought to the attention of the board that someone vandalized the blocks used for the buoys down at the West Beach. One of our volunteers was gracious enough to bring them to shore for the end of the swimming season and left them by the shed to dry. At some point a couple days later, someone took it upon themselves to smash and throw the bricks into the lake. The broken bricks and few remaining undamaged ones were once again fished out and stowed away for safekeeping, but it is disappointing to see this type of activity in our neighborhood. 

We ask that if you do witness any such behavior to please report it. At the end of last winter we also had an incident with someone throwing large rocks onto the ice at the West Beach. Again, someone was kind enough to fish these rocks out of the water so that they didn’t cause any harm to people in the swimming area, but please keep an eye out for any vandalism and if you feel comfortable, approach the person or at the very least report it. Remember that it takes a village!

I hope everyone has enjoyed another great summer in Lake Killarney as we hopefully head into some fall like weather here soon!

Thanks and have a great rest of the week!