Luminary Sales and Christmas Tree Burn Fun!

The Annual Tree Burn was held on Sunday Jan. 20, 2020.

            This year we had to postpone from a stormy Saturday to a beautiful Sunday night.

            It was great fun for the about 40 people attending the event, and everybody met some new neighbors. A little bit of snow had fallen over night and it was great for sledding. Unfortunately, the lake was not frozen enough for ice skating, as it was unseasonably warm. The temperature was around 30, and the fire kept us warm. What a perfect evening. It was plenty warm with the heat radiating from the fire and with our hot chocolate, cookies, chili and hotdogs.

            This year we had a total of 46 trees. Thanks Vince and Geoff for making collection runs. In addition to the neighborhood trees, we went to get some trees from the Township. The trees went up in great balls of fire (not as much as usual, as they were snowed in) to everybody’s enjoyment. People had fun with activities and standing around the fire, chatting, sipping hot and cold drinks, enjoying a beautiful night out with neighbors and friends. Sledding was great, and the ice did not work out for us this year.
            We had a great turnout. We were especially glad to see some of our new neighbors mixing with the long-timers. Everybody who came had a ball, don’t miss it next year.

Thanks to: Vince Steidl and Geoff Foreman, for collecting the trees, (Eberhard for 2 special tree collections with the bicycle, see pictures), the Veit family for organizing the event, Catherine for cooking and shopping, Jerome & Eberhard Veit for setup, Mary-Beth for chili, Judy Marshall for brewing her delicious hot chocolate. Thanks to all who helped clean up after the event and all the unnamed helpers and those who brought their trees to the beach.

            We hope to see more of our great neighbors at future events. We had plenty of cookies, hotdogs and hot chocolate to go around. Don’t let the cold keep you at home, the fire spreads plenty of heat. Come and have some fun at the next tree burn.

Submitted by Eberhard Veit (Tree Burn Chair).

Finally, Scott Sennholtz wanted to share that Santa, Mrs. Claus and all of their awesome Elves wanted to thank everyone for participating in this year’s LUminary fundraiser. This year with Santa and friends working together, approximately $770 was raised for the LKHOA community. This was DOUBLE the amount as in prior years Driving through the neighborhood on Christmas Eve, ou streets looked great with more folks participating this year and from the sky above, it sure helped Santa find his way! 

If you have any pictures of the streets on Christmas Eve, please upload them to the album I am going to create on our Facebook Page. It will be great to have all of these memories in one place to look back on in years to come!

Thanks for being a great community. Make sure you check out the photos below from the Christmas Tree Burn and a few luminary pics including the main post photo that was submitted to me by Scott Bucklin.