Pig Roast & Fishing Derby 2020

We are unable to do the Pig because they are out of business for the summer. Social Distancing:
Accomplished by family members setting up their own picnic area.

Blanket, chairs, umbrellas, pop ups, Grills – 6 feet apart!
Bring your own food and drinks for your family.
Can bring your own lawn games and other items to keep busy
Please no music as the theme of the picnic is Music.
Bring a mask in case you are closer than 6 feet
We will have hand sanitizer stations.

Easter Egg Hunt – Carole Foreman
DJ Starting at 4PM – 6:30 same DJ who we have had in the past
Band #1: Prairie Sky 6:30-7:30 (Friends of Judy and Matt)
Band #2: Sullivan Street Band 7:30-Closing (She is a neighbor)  

For the sake of clarity – as I know this question and discussion will come up.

The decision to continue with an event this summer was discussed, deliberated and decided on by the board. The board meetings and special meetings are open and everyone was invited to attend through Zoom.

We knew that there were many aspects of the old way that we did at the picnic were not possible this year and determined that we could still do something – and at the same time maintain social distancing.

It’s outdoors and it’s a huge park.

We feel that each family will have enough room to set up their own area, and still stay 6 feet apart. If there are those who chose to talk to each other at a closer distance, both parties should wear masks for the most protection.

There will be no common areas, no tables set up with sharing of food, no games or activities that would require a closer distance than 6 feet.

We will have hand sanitizing stations.

We are following the guidelines of the state of Illinois for phase 4, which are that 50 people can gather indoors, and outdoor recreation is allowed. Even outdoors it is strongly recommended to stay 6 feet apart or wear a mask if closer. Good hand washing and hand sanitizers are recommended.

The idea is to have a place to enjoy music, socialize from a distance and open up our community for the sake of rest and relaxation.

Many people have been going to stores, restaurants, work, church and bars, and we will exercise the same caution as these institutions.

We also realize that there will be some who are not comfortable or feel safe with going out in larger groups just yet and that is a personal choice to make.

There will be further announcements regarding social distancing and staying safe as we get closer to the event.

Fishing Derby 2020

Saturday August 8th.

Check in 5:30am at East Beach.
Lines in at 6:00am-Lines out at 10:00am
Awards given out during Picnic for largest Bass caught during Derby.

There will be adult and youth age prize groups.