“Unofficial” Christmas Tree Burn

Annual Christmas Tree Burn at the West Beach ! 

Saturday, January 09, 2021, starting the fire at 6:00 PM 

Come and enjoy a winter evening with family and neighbors. 

Once the fire is lit, you will not be cold, you may even take off your gloves !! 

Due to Covid we will not be able to serve food and drinks under a tent this year.

Please bring your own drinks and snacks.

As weather permits, we might be able to sled and ice skate but ice hockey cannot be played due to Covid.

For sledding please only one family per sled.

Any time you are around the fire or in an accumulation of people, please wear a face mask over nose and mouth. It will protect you and others and also keep your face warm. 

Christmas Tree Pickup: Any time until Jan. 09

Please leave your trees by the side of the road, or better yet you can bring your tree to the West Beach. Do not drive onto the grass. 

You can dump it outside of the rope or drag it to the pile.

If cancelled, a cancelled sign will be posted with a Rain Date (on Sunday). 

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Eberhard Veit

Please note: We are not having an official tree burn party due to Covid-19 (no serving of food or hot chocolate). 
Eberhard is still going to burn trees on the West beach.
Anyone is welcome to bring their tree to add to the pile, or leave their tree on the curb for pick up. As the beach and the lake are common properties, these areas will be open during the burn. If others are on the beach – please maintain social distancing and face coverings (which will be easy to do in the cold).